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The Consensus Sleep Diary is the result of collaboration with insomnia experts around the world to create the first standardized sleep diary.

With you wherever you are

You can access your diary entries from any internet-connected device.

Free forever

The diary is provided free for not-for-profit use. Permission for industry or for-profit use can be obtained by contacting the first author.

Any Mobile Device

The CSD app was built for the web and is available for both iOS and Android.


Insomnia is a very prevalent and significant sleep disorder associated with reduced quality of life, increased healthcare costs, and increased risks for serious psychiatric and medical comorbidities. Sleep diaries have been an integral part of the assessment of insomnia (and other sleep disorders) for research and/or clinical purposes for several decades now. Sleep diaries are easy to apply and to fill out and not difficult to evaluate for the clinician and/or researcher who is administering it.

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Carney CE; Buysse DJ; Ancoli-Israel S; Edinger JD; Krystal AD; Lichstein KL; Morin CM. The consensus sleep diary: standardizing prospective sleep self-monitoring. SLEEP 2012;35(2):287-302.

Riemann D. Insomnia research is coming of age. SLEEP 2012;35(2):175.

Want to use the CSD with your patient?

Organa provides data solutions to manage prospective behavioral monitoring for patients in your practice and/or research. Organa integrates with the Consensus Sleep Diary to provide summary data and organized client sleep data that you can access at any time.