The app isn’t working! What do I do?

Most issues can be fixed by clearing your browser’s cache. You can find instructions on how to do so in your specific browser here.

I didn't receive my account activation email

Check your spam or junk folder. Sometimes emails from the Consensus Sleep Diary can be sent to spam.

I tried to do my entry for today but the app says I’ve already completed it.

This can happen if you complete an entry in the early hours of the morning. DOZe turns to a new day at 3:00am every morning, so your entry for the previous day should be completed before then.

Everytime I complete an entry, it writes over the past day’s entry.

This can happen if you have bookmarked the first question in the diary and use that bookmark to complete your diary each day. If you’re using a bookmark to get to DOZe, make sure that bookmark is for the dashboard and not the diary itself.